WTT for Cugir PSL or Yugo M76

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by NoOne, May 31, 2010.

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    Now that prices have come down for these rifles (Cugir $530 at Aim surplus, M76 $1000 at J&G sales) I think it is time that I act on my longing to acquire one.

    I have had problems with PSL's assembled in the US, and with the ORF M76 rifles so I want to avoid either of those. The Cugir manufactured rifles have a chrome bore and are quite well made. Some of the Century made M76's are pretty good, and there are a few older ones out there with nice Yugo factory barrels.

    If you have one that you might want to trade or sell, please let me know what you have. I have both AR's, and a heavy barrel FNAR available for trade. Of course, cash always works either way if necessary to make everything fair.

    Just a heads up, I like to trade wholesale-wholesale, or retail-retail as that keeps everything fair. I'm not looking to take advantage of anyone, or be taken advantage of, all I want is a fair transaction. If we get close to a trade, I don't have any objection to taking you to the gun club where I shoot and let you test the rifles out. That way, we both know exactly what we are getting.

    Emailing me probably will work best. I'm in the Portland metro area.

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