WTT: FN FNC 16" howco import paratrooper for galil

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    I have a good condition Fnc side folder rifle with a small scratch on the upper receiver, unfired by me and no more than 200 from the previous owner, the folder is tight. Howco import, includes the following
    -x1 black steel magazine (not fn)
    -x2 fal saw grips, one is tapco one is fn
    -x1 stanag scope rail
    -x1 gun case
    -x1 ak5 winter trigger guard

    I am looking for A 1 for 1 trade on either a magnum research MRI galil arm 372 in .223 or a IMI galil 386(no "s" models) in .223..... I might be interested in a tenn galil built galil SAR to but you will include cash. Don't offer me anything else unless it is Israeli and military grade assault weapon status.

    I am not looking to sell by if you shoot me a cash offer I'll consider it.... I am not cutting a deal to anyone on this so what you see them going for online is what I'll be expecting if your offering cash. I mainly just want to trade though!

    Contact me at 253 441 9744

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