WTT Coast to Coast Model 267(savage 77) for Tin of 5.45x39

Discussion in 'Shotgun Classifieds' started by sportsbud, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Hey guys I have here a Coast to Coast Model 267 series B (after some research appears to just be a store brand Savage Model 77), its a great little all steel shotgun and is even chambered for 3" shells. It has been used the action is smooth for what it is, I have shot and cleaned it and internally is in really good shape, shooting it is really fun load up some 3" high brass loads and have a it! Now the only problems are the buttstock has a crack in it(a friend tells me an easy fix) and the recoil pad was not properly fitted(but works fine just looks a little weird) I don't know the choke on it and there appears to be no way of telling short of calibers...

    I am hoping to trade this +cash on my end for an unopened tin of 5.45x39mm surplus ammo, I have an AR in that caliber and I need to feed it! I am putting trade value of this at about $120( we can talk if need be). If you have a Tin of ammo your wanting to trade please PM me!! (also have an unopened box of .45LC PDX1 defender I would love to trade too value at about $20 costs 30 for a box)
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