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WTT Ammo 9mm/.25/.32/.40/9mm/300WM/.308

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by oregonlaw76, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. oregonlaw76

    oregonlaw76 Oregon Member

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    I have this lot of ammo sitting that I don't need right now, and since ammo is through the roof, I thought someone might be up for some trading. Besides the 9mm HST, most of this has been in my safe for a while. The 9mm HST is only a year old. In the Portland/Vancouver or 30 min any way. What I have:

    9mm - (4) 50 round boxes of Federal 147g HST

    .25 Auto - Approx 50 rounds of .25 Auto, head stamp I believe is FC, .25 Auto

    .32 Auto - 18 rounds of Federal Premium Hydra-Shok, 65 Grain, headstamp FC, .32 Auto (in box)

    .40 SW - 60 rounds 155 grain .40 Speer Golddot (In Box)

    .40 SW - 40 rounds 165 grain .40 Speer Golddot (In Box)

    .40 SW - 32 rounds of loose Winchester .40 cal (almost positive it is PDX1)

    8mm Mauser - Approx 65 rounds of Military surplus on 5-round clips, in a fabric carrier that holds two per pocket, headstamp 1951 7.9 FC

    8mm Mauser - 4 rounds PMC and 16 brass

    300 Win Mag - 20 rounds 180 grain 300 Win Mag Winchester Super X (In Box)

    300 Win Mag - 14 rounds 150 grain 300 Win Mag Remington Express CoreLokt PTD Soft Pt (In Box)

    .308 - 100 rounds MilSurp in Links with Tracers every 5 rounds, LC 03 brass

    I'm mainly looking for (and the 9mm HST gets priority for) 9mm in a lighter grain (124 preferably). Need a box or two of good SD and some factory plinking rounds.

    Will also entertain any other 9mm, .223, 300BLK (heavy projectiles, brass or cartridges) .357 Mag, .38 or .22LR.