WTT: 22lr, 9mm or .380 auto

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by nastybynature, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Looking for some pistol powder so I can get started loading .45 ACP.
    I have some factory ammo would be willing to trade for some good powder.

    I have a 525 brick of 22lr
    I have a 325 brick of match grade 22lr
    I have .380
    I have 9mm
    Hit me up if you have some powder to trade for any of this. I want un-opened Bullseye or something comparable.

    The 22lr is straight across only. I would be willing to double the other boxes if you have a large primer flip tray to go with the powder.

    I also need a good analog powder scale that I would maybe offer 2-3 boxes of ammo depending on what you have.

    Cash price doesn't matter since I will not sell this ammo only trade for powder i can use for .45 ACP. But lets say $60 a box so you get the idea I only want powder. Even then, I likely wouldn't sell it.

    I am in east Vancouver but would be willing to drive for the right deal.



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