WTS/WTT sniper/tactical and blackpowder books

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    Sniper and tactical books are SOLD
    black powder books still there.

    I have a couple books someone might be interested in.Always looking for 5.56 55 grn.FMJBT boolit tips,small rifle primers,large pistol primers etc etc. or cash to buy these things.Each one of these books cost 20 bucks or more,I am not saying that is what I want in cash or trade goods but it gives ya an idea of the worth if ya went out and bought them today.

    Also got a couple more books.
    The complete black powder handbook,4th edition,revised and expanded by sam fadala
    and Black powder hobby gunsmithing by sam fadala and dale storey
    no pics cause the frikin battery ran out.
    feel free to make obscene jestures,offers.


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