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    ok gents i have a SIG P220 that i am looking to sell i have a couple of bills that have just came up but i am also not looking to give it away so feel free to shot me some offers i will take some part trade but i need some cash to pay some stuff off so this is what you get with it
    price $750
    1.)SIG P220 with night sights
    2.)3x factory mags
    3.)box no paper work (not in the best of shape but still works)
    4.)1 Kramer iwb holster (looks just like this one http://www.kramerleather.com/productDet ... egoryID=23)
    5.)1 black hawk paddle holster owb level 2 i think
    6.)1 blade tech owb also paddle. both can either be slip in or hooked to a duty belt

    note there will be no price drops with this one if it does not sell by the 10th of nov it will stay home with me

    for best contact text or call me 360- four eight zero-8571 for pics or questions i work odd shifts so i may be sleeping or at work but i will get back to you faster than a pm but feel free to try that too thanks.

    we will meet up in the south hill/puyallup area
    part trades would be 1911(depending on 1911 no cash needed) SKS, small pocket gun,a cheaper wheel gun in 357mag, maybe a glock in .45 or .357sig/.40, rem 870 12G ( i can buy them for $300 new) 62 grain 556, 7.62x39,.45

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    Pm sent
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