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I cleaned out my ammo tins and had all this random ammo left over that I don't need. All of it is older stuff handed down to me. The 7mm is the only ammo thats all the same. Not sure what its worth so shoot me an offer. I'm also open to trades. Rounds listed below. Live in the portland area. Thanks

Also: The rounds in the back round round are free to someone who buys these if they want them. They all have defects dented casing ect. pictured with the 20g shotgun shells.


22 - 7mm Rem Mag
72 - 30-06 (mix of brands)
19 - 30-30 (mix of brands)

•For Sale/Trade Ads (a.k.a. WTS/WTT)
Prices are required, as they are in for sale ads. Again, a list of what you're looking for is also highly suggested.

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