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This is coming from a long-time member of the shooting community who used to live in the Battle Ground area. To help his widow out I purchased bulk from her to clear out a ton of ammo. Some of it is sold but a lot remains. I have kept the odds and ends and open box ones and put the rest up for sale to the community.

As to trades, I am always looking for silver/gold coins, junk silver, bars, or others. I am mostly interested in other ammo trades. Multiple calibers I would be willing to trade for including 9mm, 380, 32 special, 40, 223/556, Mauser ammo, and possibly others. When trading I look to ammo seel current prices with shipping to figure out the trade value. I will trade at over spot for silver gold in line with the current online from sdbullion or silvergoldbull or provident metals. Monument Metals or JM bullion maybe as well.

Cash is king and electronic payments are accepted. I would prefer to not ship this stuff. But I will likely be in the Vancouver area later this year during hunting season. so if you want something I can hold it until then and meet you down there. Note some of the counts may be slightly off.

All prices are OBO. If something is overpriced let me know and make an offer and why it's overpriced. I do make mistakes from time to time! I will use strike though to show what has been sold.
The preferred meeting is in the Lake Stevens/Marysville/Snohomish area. I do make it down to Lynnwood and Woodinville regularly.

Since it was asked in a PM. I can sell each line as a lot for the whole amount OR willing to break it up. Hence why the price per round is shown. So for the automatch and Armscor, in particular, more than happy to sell by the box or case. The same is true with the rest by the box or case or the whole amount shown.

$ for all​
$ per round​
Blazer .22 40gr LRN (1050rds)1050SPF$ 0.07 0.06boxes of 50
Federal Auto Match .22 40gr LRN (15600 rds)15600SPF$ 0.07 0.06Boxes of 325
Armscor .22 Hollow Point 36gr CPHP (42000rds)4200012K are SPF$ 0.075 0.065boxes of 50, 6K to a case
Concorde 40gr (250rds)250$ 17.50 SPF$ 0.070boxes of 50
Federal .22 36gr (550rds)550$ 41.25 $ 35$ 0.075 0.0651 box 500, 1 of 50
Federal .22 CPHP 36gr (1625rds)1625$20 per per$ 0.0615boxes of 325
Remington .22 CPHP 36gr (1050rds)1050$ 78.75 70.00$ 0.075 0.07boxes of 50
Federal American Eagle .22 HV 38gr (985rds)985$ 78.80 75.00$ 0.080 0.075TBD
Federal American Eagle .22 HV 40gr (1500rds)1500$ 120.00 110.00 SPF$ 0.080 0.075boxes of 50
Federal Champion .22 CPHP 36gr (1575 rds)525$ 118.13$ 0.075boxes of 525
Federal Champion .22 Solid point 40gr550$ 41.25 SPF$ 0.075boxes of 50
Federal Black Pack .22 CPHP 36gr (6400rds)6400$ 512.00$ 0.080boxes of 50?
Federal Champion .22 HV 40gr (550rds)550$ 44.00 SPF$ 0.080box of 550 I think
Aguila Colibri/Super Colibri 20gr LRN147$ 13.23$ 0.090boxes of 50
Peters .22 HV Solid Point 40gr (500rds)500$ 45.00$ 0.090boxes of 50?
Federal Premium Gold Medal 40gr CPRN500$ 50.00 SOLD$ 0.100box of 500
CCI Blazer Old Packaging LRN50$ 3.50 3.00 SPF$ 0.070 0.06box of 50
Winchester Xpert22 36gr HP500$ 45.00$ 0.090box of 500
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