WTS/WTT Glock 20 Gen 3 with extras - $700

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    If you are only interested in the gun i will sell it for $550 (or trades). itll come with the Glock factory case and the two factory mags that come with it when you buy it retail.

    Up for sale or trade is a LNIB Glock 20 Gen 3. I have only put at most 200 rounds through it. I am saying the high side as honestly i dont think i even put 100 through it but i cant remember for sure. So buyer should assume it has seen 200 rounds. All rounds have been flawless with no issues. Finish and wear wise it looks brand new. Was never stored in the holster or carried. I am the orginal owner

    I didnt mind the glock but it just wasnt for me. I got a RIA 1911 10mm and just prefer that over the glock. I havent shot the glock since getting the RIA so figured i'd just get rid of it

    Package comes with

    -Glock 20 Gen 3
    - 4 15 round magazines - all glock mags
    -Lone Wolf 10mm threaded barrel (never used, been in packaging other than for photo, i never even installed it in the glock)
    -Extended Slide Lock (makes take down of glock easier, this is new in package and has never been install)
    -Blackhawk LEFTHANDED holster. Nothing fancy, never really been used.
    - Everything from the factory, case, fired case, cleaning rod, paperwork, glock mag loader, ect.
    -It has a Hogue overgrip rubber thing on it at the moment. I put it on and ripped on corner trying to slide it on (which is visible in a picture). Made the gun a bit more comfortable for me so i left it on for buyer to decide if they want it on or not.

    As for trades I'd be interested -

    Any trade should be pre panic pricing. Cash can be added on my end for the right item. Same with you should be prepared for item +cash if your item isnt worth full value.

    -Stripped lower (No Aero or SAA)
    -SW 1006
    -Other 10mm guns
    -Accurate Arms Powders (i can use various so try me!)
    - Varget powder
    - CCI primers
    -Brass (again pre panic prices)
    Im open to other items just keep it to gun related items.

    Low ball offers wont even be responded to.

    LOCATION - I live in Port Orchard. Furthest I will be willing to travel is Tacoma. Closer to the Narrows Bridge. Bremerton, Port Orchard, or Gig Harbor would be my preference.

    When- I wont be available till Tuesday April 16th at the earliest. But after that I am pretty open from Tuesday night to Sunday night so anytime in that time frame works for me.

    Must be willing to show me your CPL for sale. Bill of Sale for my records only

    Now for pictures!

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    i have a colt modfel 80 mustang 380 pocket pistol ill trade you ill meet you half way

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