WTS: Tikka T3 .308 Varmint w/extras

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    **SOLD** Tikka T3 .308 Varmint (heavy barrel, blued finish, NOT matte)

    Original owner, 472 exact rounds fired. Perfect/like new condition.

    Comes WITH the following:

    Ken Farrell serial numbered / matched scope rings (aluminum) and base (steel), 30MM - $300.00 set
    Per web > "STANDARD MOUNT (Set consist of 2 rings) Completely CNC machined from solid stock. These rings are machined in pairs and are serial numbered as machined and are absolutely matched to within our standard tolerances of .005" of center line of our base. . These same rings can also be supplied with a matched base which both has been inspected to be within 1/2 of our standard tolerances and then serial numbered accordingly. In most cases our standard rings will clear a 50mm objective bell. This matched set is with our standard mount."

    Magna-Ported barrel, extra cost on heavy barrel - $150.00
    Per web > "Mag-na-porting on a rifle consists of two trapezoidal ports and two oval ports cut into the barrel. Two are 180 degrees apart, on each side, approxiamately 1.5 inches from the muzzle; the other 50 degrees from each side of the top center line of the barrel, and located somewhat forward of those on the side of the barrel. Our rifle services will contribute to your becoming a more proficient rifleman, and will make shooting - especially of the big bores - considerably more enjoyable"

    One factory FIVE round magazine included with rifle.
    TWO additional FIVE round magazines included, $65ea for a total of $130.00

    This is a SUB 1/2moa rifle! Best group to date is .312", 3rds, 100yds, 168gr Sierra Match King. Picture to confirm.
    Please Email for direct pictures. Serious inqueries only please. Scope, cheekpad, & sling NOT included.
    Shipped to your FFL ONLY. $30.00 INSURED.

    Will sell for $1000.00
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