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    2011 STI VIP 9mm.

    I am the second owner and got this in a trade, the original owner said he had 100 rounds through it and I have put 50 through it.

    Comes with box, manual and one mag.

    $1435 Shipped

    Not interested in any trades.

    Info from STI site:
    Combining the double stack capacity of its patented 2011 technology with the light weight benefits of aluminum, the V.I.P. is the best carry pistol on the market today.

    Built on the patented modular frame design with a reduced length polymer grip, the VIP delivers the advantages of a high capacity firearm configuration that is well-suited for conceal carry circumstances. The frame is constructed of highly durable 7075 aerospace grade aluminum to keep the weight of the pistol to a minimal 25 oz. The frame is also available in 4140 maxxell alloy steel (which comes in at 29.7 oz)

    The VIP has a stainless steel scalloped slide with rear cocking serrations, STI dovetail front sight and Heinie fixed rear sight. The slide is also available in 4140 carbon steel. The VIP comes standard with features such as a stainless steel STI hi-ride grip safety, stainless steel STI single sided thumb safety and an STI stainless steel fully supported, ramped bull barrel.


    MSRP $1,690.00
    Caliber_____.45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9×19
    Frame______STI Patented Modular Steel or Aluminum
    Grips_______Black Glass Filled Nylon Polymer
    Slide_______Classic with STI Rear Cocking Serrations
    Trigger_____STI Long Curved Trigger
    Barrel______3.96” Bull Barrel, Ramped, Fully Supported
    Safeties____STI High-Ride Beavertail Grip Safety
    Single______Sided Thumb Safety (Blued or Stainless)
    Guide Rod___STI Recoil Master
    Sights_______STI Ramped Front, STI Fixed Rear
    Overall Length_6.75”
    Weight______Steel: 29.7 oz / Aluminum: 26 oz
    Finish Blued Matte Finish (Steel)
    Polished Sides of Slide (Stainless)
    Competition Approval

    IMG_1585.jpg IMG_1586.jpg 89408e1d-1451-48ac-ae2a-e35bc83a1cec.jpg
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