WTS Steelhead/Salmon reels/poles

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    If there is anything you want,combination or lose a reel for just the rod or questions feel free to ask.
    I will work with ya if you want any or all of them.

    First up is a Luhr Jensen signature series 8' 6" medium action Hood River rod with a Quantum 5.1:1 magnum gear reel.Asking 25.00 bucks for the set.Perfect steelhead rod.I loved this one as it feels everything.
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    second is a Eagle claw crosswing Endurowrap series 8'6" IM6 high modular graphite heavy rod but I'd say it's medium heavy.(I used it for salmon) and it has no problem and is sensitive also enough for steelhead.Asking 20.00 for it
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    third is a Gold eagle graphite steelhead spinning rod with a LX-3200 long cast reel
    asking 20.00 bucks for it.really nice steelhead rod for a spinning rod,super sensitive.My toes are sold.
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