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    Springfield Range Officer

    -Series 70
    -Crisp trigger
    -Cris safety
    -Polished feed ramp
    -Polished extractor
    -USGI length guide rod and plug
    -588 rnds down the pipe - most of which entered the same hole
    -Parkerized finish
    -Cleaned after each use - including the FP, extractor tunnel etc.
    -Springer Lifetime warranty
    -Solid lock-up
    -Nicely fit bbl/bushing
    -100% runner w/ FMJ or JHP as one should expect
    -Titanium FP just like all Springers
    -Nicely applied grip tape on front strap - provides an excellent purchase
    -Nicely applied grip tape on port and starboard of reciever - again, provides an excellent purchase
    (will cut you a length of tape if required)

    -2 7 rnd SA OEM magazines (never used)
    -11 Gear paddle holster/dual mag pouch
    -SA RO case - looks like a brief case; you even get the cool back ground
    -USGI bore brush (great for cleaning the carbon from the reciever and magazines)

    I use spear tipped jags with cotten to clean all of my firearms. And it shows. I challange you to find a blemish in the bore, throat etc.

    If you are not familiar with 1911s I will be happy to break this one down and show you the innards. You are also welcome to look at the innards if you are familiar with 1911s to verify this weapons said condition.

    If you are new to playing with the big dogs, it would be my pleasure to show you how to maintain a 1911, including cleaning the extractor tunnel and tuning the extractor. Which is crucial and is often over looked by individuals who are not familiar with the venerable 1911.

    Additionally, I will show you the proper way of removing and installing the slide release so that you do not ever get what is refered to as an, "Idiot mark."

    I have personally pipped the ace with this 1911 at distances over 100 yards. It is, at least, as accurate as you are. If you miss, it is your fault.

    $725.00, without VZ Operator II grips.
    $800.00, with VZ Operator II grips.
    $50.00, for Bladetech Eclipse holster.








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