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WTS: Springfield Armory M1 Garand (1941 vintage)

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1941 Vintage Springfield Armory M1 Garand.

SN: 328xxx (three hundred thousand range)

Barrel is dated SA 8-41 has British Nitro proof mark.

The rifle does not appear to have ever been through an arsenal rebuild.

Drawing numbers are as follows:

Receiver: D 28291-13 SA
Barrel: D35448-7 REP 27A
Op-Rod: 35382 3 SA
Bolt: D 28287-2 SA RE1
Safety: C 46015-6SA
Hammer: C 46008-2 SA
Trigger Guard: 46025-1-SA
Trigger Group Housing: D28290-5-SA

I got this gun about 10-years ago. I did shoot it a bit and the rifle is very accurate and functions just fine. As seen in the pics, someone has apparently engraved their initials and social security number onto two different places of the trigger group housing. They have also used a small drill to drill a bunch of small holes on the inside of the stock spelling out the same initials and social security number.

At some point in it's life the sights were changed out and the stock has been glass bedded (probably has something to do with it’s fine accuracy). I had it over to Ron Smith of Smith Enterprise when I was in Skool, he mentioned it does have British proof marks (Lend Lease gun?) and the TE was 8.

Then (like that wasn't enough) the rifle apparently belonged to the Miami Rifle Club. The club managed to stamp Miami Rifle Club into the bottom of the stock and tried to engrave same into the side of the receiver heel (all seen in the pics). On the receiver they just managed to mess up the finish; never got into the hardened steel of the receiver.

My intention has always been to restore the rifle as it appears almost complete as it was in 1941. For this to happen I was going to need a new trigger group housing, stock and sights.

So, it's a vintage gun. Probably has some great history. Is a great shooter as-is. Probably deserves someone who can restore it.

Price for this fine specimen of United States history is a mere $750 FTF.

e-mail me at ch139ATcomcast.net just change the AT to @

Old single slot gas plug.

Old school top-wood clip with the line in it.

Uncut op-rod.

Barrel is dated SA 8-41 has British Nitro proof mark.

Initials and Social Security number markings.

The Miami Rifle Club markings
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