WTS Smith and Wesson M&P-15, modified plus LOTS OF EXTRAS!

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    Hello, I am selling my AR15, a S&W MP15. I am in the Oregon National Guard as an Infantryman and I can vouch for the reliability of this rifle. It is completely "mil spec" and everything fits as it should. Out of roughly 6000 rounds I have put through it, I have had only 2 misfires. And they were due to bent shell casings from the factory. I have maintained this weapon meticulously over the last 3 or so years. I just dont get to shoot it enough to justify keeping it. Plus, I get to play with M4's every month in the Guard.

    Mods and specs -

    OD green aftermarket stock - Mako group, fully adjustable
    OD green magpul grip with adjustable backstraps
    OD green quad-rail system with black rubber covers
    OD green flashlight holder mounted on quadrail (sure fire not included)
    front grip with storage space
    BUIS front and rear - both pop up or lock down
    Eotech 512, used
    Comes with 4 mags, 2 magpul and 2 stock M4
    Also including all stock parts, rail covers, original grip and stock, etc.

    If I get my asking price, I will throw in about 500 rounds of 5.56mm and a rifle case that fits this rifle perfectly.

    My asking price is 1400 for all you see in the pictures. Please PM me or respond and Ill keep in touch.



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