WTS Ruger Old Army, as new, DFW TX

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    This Ruger Old Army could pass for new if I only had the box. The old man, that originally owned it, supposedly never fired it. The serial no. dates it to 1977 and there is no ugly lawyer warning written on the barrel, just the Sturm Ruger brand etc.

    I always wanted one of these Old Army's, especially since they have been discontinued and have been going up in value. I'm a big Ruger fan and as you know, the old army is the best BP pistol out there....IMO. The only reason I'm selling is that I could use the money for another project. That being said, I won't be dissapointed if it doesn't sell. I will take that as an indication that I need to keep it. I will only have to pay more $ later if I decide to replace it. Plus if the gun grabbers get their way, BP firearms might be the only thing we have left to defend ourselves with and if so, I want the best!

    I'm asking $425 and I will cover the shipping direct to your door step since federal laws states neither you or I need to involve an FFL to ship or receive a BP weapon.

    If you are interested, for another $25 bucks I will throw in a used but good condition leather holster (made by hunter) and some bullets too. That's a $100 dollar value if you had to buy them new. I will take a look and see just exactly what I have.

    I don't collect any junk and I have references if you need them.



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