WTS: Rhodesian FAL w/ authentic camouflage paint job! $1100 *New Pics*

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    Rhodesian FAL Clone with a few upgrades. Rhodesian Kits are almost completely dried up, so don't miss out on this one!

    Here's what it has:
    -Early Coonan T1 Upper (Century Arms Remarked) now cut for L1A1. Century cut new feed ramp. (Feeds and cycles good)
    -South African Barrel assembly (Rhodesian Good Bore)
    -South African Lower and internals.
    -L1A1 Folding Charging Handle
    -L1A1 Bolt and Carrier (Sand Cut for better functionality in all conditions)
    -US Made Stock, HG's and PG.
    -Century Trigger
    -Metric Magazine with US Floor Plate and Follower. (Mag is pitted on outside but has been refinished. Pitting doesn't effect function).

    Painted in correct Rhodesian colors. Its a fantastic rifle and looks really mean!

    You cannot build this rifle for cheaper than this price!

    $1100 + Shipping. Trades or Trades + Cash welcome. Possible trade items include and are not limited to; M1 Garand, M14, G3, AK's, AR's, 1911's, ect.



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