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Asking prices are negotiable within reason :)

Reloading dies for sale .

32Win Special RCBS FL dies $20 spf

8MM-06 Improved C&H FL dies $25 spf

35 Rem Lee FL dies $20

25-06 Pac. FL dies $20

220 Swift Pac. FL dies $20

243 Win FL dies $20

223 Lee FL dies $20

Bullets for sale.

Hornady .338 225gr Spire Point $15spf

.270 Win: ½ bx Hornady 130 gr Spire Point, Nosler Partition 130 gr. bag of 50, mix bag of 100-130-150 gr. All for $28 .

35 Rem hard cast 200 gr FP lubed and sized with gas checks 60 count $10

Brass for sale .

270 Win. Mixed head stamp Win, Rem , Fed. Over 100 pcs. $15

35 Rem. Mixed headstamp Win,Rem ,Fed over 190 pcs. $28spf

32 Win Spl. Mixed headstamp Win, Rem, Fed over 120 pcs $18spf

All items plus USPS shipping in flat rate containers , insurance extra.


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