WTS Original Charcoal Drawings - PTSD Series $300

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    There may not be a market here for fine art, but I am positive that the content of my work will hit home with some of the members here. The following drawings are part of a PTSD series I did.

    I am asking for $300 for each of them. They are both 18"x24" done in pencil and charcoal, and matte-coated to prevent rubbing and wear.

    Will likely be traveling to Oregon this weekend (Portland/Vancouver, then east along the 84) so I set location to OR/WA for the time being.

    Message me with any questions. Thank you.

    This first one is titled "PTSD", and it portrays how memories, both pleasant and miserable, revolve as they disrupt one another. The patrol location is just east of the Haditha triad.

    The second one is called "Clouded Chaos", representing the feeling of a clouded, eerie nightmare where you can only recollect what was very near to you, and even that seems a little off. I chose not to show the opposing forces for the same reason.

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