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Hello. I'm new to this whole thing, but I've got this Glock and I love it but its time to let it go. It's a G22 40cal Glock pistol with Trijicon sights. Comes with two 15 round clips. There's some surface damage to the plastic does not affect usuability but I figure knocks the price down a bit. I tried to post really good pics of it but like I said I'm new at this so we'll see if they come out. Seems these are going for about 425-450 in great shape so I'm thinking 400 on mine. Always open to offers. Prefer FTF in Oregon, I'm in the Eugene area. I guess I could mail it to an FFL if we absolutely have to. Thanks Bill.

Can't figure out the pic posting thing and its late. Going to bed just go to my Google pic page and there's a bunch there.

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