WTS Colt SSA 1881 44-40

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    I have owned this gun for 5 years. I picked it up at an estate auction for pennies basically! 44-40 SAA. Serial number 72XXX, all matching, 1881. Wood grips numbered to the gun. The main drawback is the nickel finish, which is largely flaked away, but with no major pits. I would estimate the amount of remaining original nickel to be about 30%. Other areas of the bare metal are dark and are in contrast with the nickel. The gun is mechanically excellent, no damage or abuse, with no negatives other than the flaking nickel. Overall condition, VG. PM for pictures if interested. After searching the internet the last one of these to sale with 45% nickel plating sold for 3400. First 2000 OBO gets this one.

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