WTS Colt LE AR15A3 Tactical Carbine **Updated**

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    I am selling this for a friend of mine who has come into some bad times. I have the rifle in my possession therefore all communication will go through me. This is a very lightly used Colt 15A3 Tactical Carbine. It features a heavy HBAR barrel with flashhider and bayonette lug. He removed the detachable carry and outfitted the rifle with an optic and a YHM flip-up rear sight. He has chosen to keep the optic and cannot find the carry handle, but the rear sight is included. The front sight has been apgraded to Tritium front post. Other than that the rifle is still stock to include the factory colaspable stock. Also, has the LE/Government roll marks on the lower.

    In my opinion, this Colt was build during the era when they really knew how to make a rifle as they feature the bigger pinned trigger group (LPK). Acoording to the owner, there has been roughly about 500-600 fired through the rifle.

    Price ***SPF***

    Package will include:
    -Colt 15A3 Carbine
    -(1) Magpul 30rd magazine
    -(1) Factory 20rd magazine
    -(1) Tactical Sling
    -No Box

    Please NO trade offers and NO lowballers. Transaction will take place in the Puyallup area period!! Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Pics to follow. Must provide a valid CPL, WAC card or LEO I.D.


    colt 1.jpg

    colt 2.jpg

    colt 3.jpg

    colt 4.jpg

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