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Up for sale from my private collection is a Colt 1917 US Army Revolver made in 1918. This gun was used in WWI, sent back to Colt in the 30's and readied for WWII. When Colts refurbished it they then added the VP or Verified Proof mark you see pictured below.

It is documented that the government had M1917s and .38s refurbished by Smith & Wesson and Colt for a special assignment overseas in 1949, the project code name was "EVIL" and is documented in the book "US Handguns of WW II - The Secondary Pistols and Revolvers, Page 69" written by Charles W. Pate. One of the neat things about these arsenal and manufacturer refurbished revolvers is they participated in both world wars and represent a lot of history.

*Provisional inspection mark Francis l. Hosmer on cylinder
*Inspectors Cartouche Lt. Col. John M. Gilbert - from about serial number 29,700 to about 64,000 the mark of Colonel John M. Gilbert (JMG)

* Crane: 339 193016 Q
* #20 on barrel and cylinder crane
* #3 on left side near rear of trigger guard
* Barrel is tapered.
* "United States Property" mark is located on the bottom of the barrel.
* "H" stamp on cylinder and bottom of the barrel match
* The year of manufacture for serial number 55513 is 1918
* Original walnut grips have been replaced by 1930's commercial grips, could have been done when sent back to Colt.

This gun has been in my family for a long time. It is 100% correct and a true collectors item that is almost 100 years old. Comes with leather holster, .45 C clips.

I am looking to get $550 in cash or $600 in trade. open to trades, just pm me. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

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