WTB WA WTB/WTT Need help rounding up a few parts to finish my AR pistol build...

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories Wanted' started by old11bravo, May 9, 2014.

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    Just finishing up my latest Spikes Tactical AR Pistol build and I'm a few parts shy of a battle ready gun.

    Here is what I need:
    1. Charging Handle (preferably BCM or better but I'm open to anything generic milspec if the price is right).
    2. KX3 Flash Compensator (again I'm open to anything milspec really just so I can go shoot this thing for now). 3. BUIS (I'm open to anything really, from Magpul Flip ups to my favorite...... LMT fixed iron sights).

    I have these to trade: ammo (7.62, .223 or 9mm), ammo cans (.50 cal), PSA Milspec Lower Parts Kits, PSA FCG, Battery for an Aimpoint (new), Tactical Tailor single point sling (FDE), and some more odds and ends AR parts as well as a little cash. PM me for more info if you have something to help me finish this. I'm in Everett.

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