WTB Wa handgun for family protection in eastern wa

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by Mountainmerman, May 1, 2012.

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    I am looking to buy a handgun for family protection out in the country where I live. Looking for something smaller. 38 or 9mm or 45 or whatever. I don't have very much $ to spend but I do have a lot of tools and various other stuff to trade. If I have to I can probably raise $100 -200. I am getting really desperate as my shop was broken in to last week and the area I grew up knowing as safe has become infested with tweakers and other undesirables. If you can help me and my family have a little piece of mind please contact me. I live about 60 miles north of Spokane but am willing to drive to meet anyone that can help. Thank you

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