WTB Hawes .22 revolver frame

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories Wanted' started by m1gunr, Jul 11, 2010.

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    The frames are aluminum and where the hammer strikes the firing pin, the metal crowned and let the firing pin retaining washer fall out. Now it can no longer fire.
    I only need the frame, the rest of the pistol functions just fine. The only way to repair the frame is to weld the bad end shut and then drill it from the cylinder side, a very spendy & iffy repair.

    This pistol has been in my family since 1969 when Dad bought it at a local hardware store for $37. We have shot well over 10k rounds out of it (my brother and I would shoot 500 rd bricks in one sitting). I got it in 98' when Dad passed away and it just broke a few months back. I really hate to see it become a wall hanger.

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