WTB WA WTB Colt SP-1 lower receiver- any condition

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories Wanted' started by Parke brown, Sep 6, 2014.

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    I'm looking to buy a Colt AR-15 SP-1 lower receiver. The earlier the better. I don't need the whole gun and can't buy a gun in NY with a pistol grip, flash suppressor, mag release, or even a large magazine, so the more stripped the better. It should be 1978 or earlier. Your lower receiver will be going to a good home that will be loved and cared for.
    Here is a web site that will tell you the age do the lower receiver ( by serial numbers):


    I don't mind having to re-blue it or fix anything that needs fixing. Gun will go through FFL dealer, I'll pay for all the checks,shipping, and insurance of course.

    I'm not looking to get this for free, I intend on paying more than what it's worth to get what I want. No museum pieces or highly emotionally attached family heirlooms.

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