Nitestocker had a nice Remington M600 Mohawk in the classifieds. They do hold some collector value, so if she took care of it, 4-5 years from now you could probably get your money out of it. I'd be talking to nitestocker, but I'm awfully flush with .243's right now. Good compact light gun for the ladies and kids. Incredibly accurate too.

Nitestocker: no charge for this service.:)
My wife has both a 243 and a 7mm-08 (neither for sale, sorry). The 7mm-08 does not seem to kick any more than the .243 and I believe it is a more lethal round. I almost bought the .260 Rem, but decided on the 7mm. All of these have very little kick and if you think that the daughter may keep the gun and eventually hunt for more than just deer, you should consider the larger calibers. If deer is your only thought though, the .243 is a great pick.

my .02 :s0155:

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