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    Read an analysis of probable bartering / power vacuum scenario's post WROL, the topic of slavery was brought up. I guess I had mentally avoided thoughts on the inevitability of, both indentured servitude (debtors prison) and sexual slavery...yet another argument for "...one at their feet, two in the chest..." diplomacy. In southwest Asia, I would tell my men that even Cave Men have seen an M16 and everyone knows what a bullet will do, if need be at 25 yards put a round between their legs if they keep coming, well that is a choice with consequences...
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    There are all kinds of factors that may make slavery possible, fact of the matter is, without a larger institution to back up the slave owner, it would be pretty easy for a 2-person slave uprising to result in the deaths of slave owners. The closest contemporary example we have of modern slavery consist of sexual slavery, and it's usually carried out that the slaves remain in shackles nearly all the time. In other cases, where we're dealing with prostitutes, the law bans prostitution, as a consequence, there is zero reason to go to the cops and tell them you're being kept as a white-slave prostitute as the law will fall just as heavily on your head as it will the pimp or trafficer.

    Frankly, I don't look at indentured servitude being as big a negative as it's made out to be, will there be abuses and excesses? Most likely, try to find anything that is never abused. However, if taken as a more conventional quid pro quo, I don't see anything wrong with it. But at the same time, I see it's uses as being fairly limited.

    People live by many different conventions and customs, however the one that all of us find abhorrent is that of deprivation, abuse and coercion. Would you rather see a thief forced into indentured servitude or have his hand cut off? Ever seen "Gran Torino"? While there may have been some societal coercion for Tao to be in service to Walt, it was the result of him trying to steal his car. What about polygamy?

    There is lots to think about, the three conditions above are what I won't tolerate, and that's applied much more broadly than the context of slavery. I wouldn't tolerate a local warlord collecting taxes, or forcing labor of the people for his own benefit. Anyone who abuses their family or neighbors. Or even prisoners kept in a state of deprivation, of food or sanitation.
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    The Founders were fighting against de-facto slavery enforced by the King's Army and German Merc's. Enemy troops often tortured, raped and murdered civilians who would not grovel before their King.
    I have said it before: the wages of sin is death and what greater sin is there than slavery?
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