write your officials for our rights, here's a link

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    Short & sweet is the key. Nobody's going to actually read what you write, so just make your position clear and leave it at that.
    Here's what I wrote yesterday:

    The solution to crime is capture and incarceration of criminals, not imposing onerous and unconstitutional burdens on every one of the HUNDRED MILLION GUN OWNERS IN AMERICA!
    This is non-negotiable: I will not tolerate further erosion of my Second Amendment rights - unless and until a Constitutional Convention decides to repeal 2A.
    Senator _____, in your oath of office you swore to defend the Constitution, not the status quo. I expect you to do as you promised, and resist the "weathervane" response of your weak-kneed colleagues. Mob rule cannot override our Bill of Rights.
    Thank you and best regards,

    Hysterical hyperbole aside, there is no possible "gun control solution" to crime, any more than there is a "car control solution" for DUII.
    The HUNDRED MILLION PLUS gun owners in this country will not stand for any further erosion of our constitutionally guaranteed rights, now more than ever. The police services across the country are being cut back, and ordinary people like me have to depend on ourselves and each other for our personal safety. I don't have the luxury of working in a building secured by many heavily armed guards, like you do!
    It makes no sense for gun-phobes to frame the debate and claim the moral high ground when we all depend on law-abiding armed citizens for our security, whether we're aware of that simple fact or not. A uniform and a badge don't confer any special skill or right to defend a would-be victim of crime.
    Congresswoman _____, in your oath of office you swore to defend the Constitution, and that's all I ask you to do now. There is no debate and no doubt what the Framers intended when they included the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights.
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