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    I know, I know. There have been several posts regarding letters. Well here’s another...

    We need to not drop the ball on writing letters and calling our elected officials both State and Federal. I send out the automated letters from the first two sites below each day, one from my wife, son and myself. Is it overkill, and effort to stuff their e-mail box so to speak? You bet it is! It is just following the successfully practice of the extreme Left and since it has worked for them, maybe we should consider it.

    I also pick one elected official and write them directly. Sometimes I stress my frustration at being demonized by Obama, other times I ask why the Government isn’t more aggressive in attacking the growing gang culture in this Country. I try to keep it to a single issue and short. I don’t rant and rave, just give an opinion with maybe a fact or two to back it up. Besides my own State, I write to:
    Rep. John Boehner (R-OH 8th District John Boehner - 8th District of Ohio
    Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell
    Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Welcome | Senator Harry Reid

    I have read comments from some who believe this doesn’t do any good. No one reads them. I wrote once a week, month or whatever ago and nothing happened. People a groundswell is necessary if we intend to hold firm. After the fact it will do no good to whine about, “...if only we had done this...”. Do it now. You have time to read these blog entries so that should leave you 5 minutes to send, at least, the automated response.

    Remember it’s the “Bill of Rights” not the “Bill of Needs”. There is no compromise and there can be no surrender.

    Ruger – send a pre-written message to all your State and Federal legislators.
    Currently 764, 492 messages have been sent.
    Ruger - Protect Your Rights

    NRA-ILA – provides the option of sending a prewritten message supporting the 2nd Amendment or you can compose your own for either State or Federal Legislators. You can also select “Media” at the top of the page and compose a letter for submittal to up to five different papers. I’ve done this and had two printed (Seattle Times & Issaquah Press).
    NRA-ILA | Write Your Reps

    Congress.Org – let’s you compose a letter to send State or Federal Legislator.
    Congress.org ? Get informed, get involved

    We The People – White House Petition site allows you to review and sign on-line petitions and write to the President
    (Caution – it often locks up and fails to connect – after all it’s administered by the White House so you expect it to only work half the time if that )
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    Hey, thanks, and a free bump.
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    Letters to Boehner, McConnell & Reid........DONE!!!

    Letters to Rep. Walden and Senators Wyden & Merkley this morning....DONE!!!
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    It is a numbers game, the more people that get involved politically and the more letters, e-mail and telephone calls, the more effective our voice is. I have been writing letters at least 3 times per week and sending to a variety of our political representatives. Yes, it takes some time, but I will not have my firearms rights taken away without doing everything that I possibly can to stop the assault. Here is the letter that I sent today Boehner and McConnell and to several Republicans in Oregon...

    The Republican Party has frustrated me to the point of switching political parties. I am a former lifelong Republican and now vote as an Independent, I am xx years old. In the last 2 election cycles, I have continued to vote Republican, however, if there are any new gun restrictions or gun magazine capacity restrictions passed, I will never vote for a Republican again.

    We know for a fact that gun control does not lower crime; in fact, “No Gun Zones” are a magnet for the mentally ill to commit their heinous crimes. The Second Amendment exists to ensure that law abiding Americans can protect their homes and families and to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is not about hunting rights.

    If the Republican Party votes to pass any gun laws that negatively affect responsible, law abiding gun owners who have committed no crimes, the Republican Party will become irrelevant. I am not the only voter talking about discarding the Republican Party completely; every gun owner is watching how the Republican Party navigates the assault on our Constitutional gun rights.

    Please reject any new gun laws that assault on our Second Amendment rights to bear arms. Americans like my family and I are counting on you to stop the assault on freedom.

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