Wow! Essay nails it about 2A defenders

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Essay in ‘The Week’ cuts to heart of U.S. gun rights debate

    “The gun rights movement is about individual freedom and American individualism…These are people who believe in their right and obligation to control their own fate by carrying a firearm to protect themselves and those around them, even if that might disadvantage those who choose not to.”
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    Well, I have a lead

    I really liked his approach to rationalism, common sense debate about the 2A being a civil right, makes sense, it is an integral part of the "Bill of Rights"

    If it was discussed in this way, as a civil liberty, maybe we could find some common ground for society as a whole. SCOTUS has upheld civil liberties today in landmark rulings.

    I just am not sure how "shall not be infringed" can be interpreted, the language makes it difficult.

    Should you be able to buy NFA items without oversight? Is that good for the United States?

    I am a live and let live guy, as long as you do no active harm to others, (perceived harm are people's own personal bias).

    I am pretty torn on this, I want to trust my neighbors and other citizens, but common sense and reality push back on that. Hard choices.

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