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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by pioneer461, Nov 20, 2012.

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    It has recentlyl been learned that the group, "Wounded Warrior Project," is not friendly with guns, or any entity that is in any way associated with guns or other "weapons" such as knives. There are many other charitable groups if you wish to donate toward wounded military vets.

    My source: Gun Talk Radio podcast. Listen for yourself to the interview with the CEO of WWP, and the followup podcast.
    guntalk's Podcast
    guntalk's Podcast
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    Might want to do your homework.
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    I'm not buying it. This is the second or third thread this month. It's become just another reason to log onto the internet and find anything to be angry and emotional about to which human miscommunication lends itself. Regardless of how they straighten their PR out, which I hope they continue to, their actions, events, and associations over the coming months will speak for themselves.

    Wounded Warrior Project clarifies their position on the 2nd Amendment | Gun Nuts Media
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    Yes, their efforts and project are worthy causes.

    What they are saying is that as gun owners and related companies we are in the same class as the porn industry as they are specifically listed together. Not to be associated with. If you listen to the podcast with the ceo he as much as states that there is no way that they will allow their logo to be shown with a firearms logo or any related charity efforts.

    Mr. Tom Gresham offered to pay all costs involved with co branding with them (as that cost was what was the reason stated) and they still refused.

    They are happy to take our money, just don't let anyone know. There are other organizations that help the Wounded Warriors that will not disassociate.

    My money will go there this year.
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    My charity money goes to the same place it always goes, Army Community Service. Helping army families for years....

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