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Man ditto this!

There has always been an 'offset' between the 'upper echelon' and 'field' command, staff and troops.
I could never get over this even when I was a kid. I wanted to enlist just to get away from home, but KNEW exactly what I was trying to escape from home was even worse in the services.
I respect those that serve. I hate to see those that appear to be left in the wind.
The only upgrading I'm doing along with the military is to lower my physical standards, which I accomplished way ahead of schedule.
Also back when the "global war on terror" was in full swing my dads co workers son was a retired sniper was recalled back into the service. Which he wasn't none to thrilled to go back from what I heard.
Screw that. Kinda sounds like a cult move to me.
My electronics teacher Mr Keith Hawkings kid apparently spoke about 7 languages fluently and he told us the spooks wouldn't leave his kid alone. Just pester them to death for their services. Pretty sh*tty and shady if you ask me. You almost get punished for being smart. Almost like if you ever turn narc or witness for the cops they know they have you and pull your pants down even farther.
Ok I'm not going to read 5 pages of yes or no.., personally I don't have a problem with the development of new stuff… Barrel life for an 80k PLUS psi round is going to be horrible! Like here's your rifle troop… 2 boxes of ammunition shot later… "Sorry troop! You need to replace your barrel because 1200 rounds is all it can shoot!" I 1000 percent agree with anyone that said 6.5, 6.8 etc… no I'm not into 6.5 creedmoor it's pretty much the same as 308. Ballistics, performance, weight etc etc… I'm referring to a 6.5 Grendel or something similar, 6.8 SPC or something similar… maybe a 7mm aka .284 just in a shorter action and case… also make it easy to swap out the barrel… keep the simplicity of the M4… think like John Moses Browning and have a simple design with minimal parts… why the 1911 is still a phenomenal pistol and Gaston copied the mindset when he made the Glock.
They're planning for the Taiwan War right now, which will involve island hopping, and that's why the Marines dropped their heavy tank.

If they're going for round that will pierce body armor, they must know something about the current Chinese military body armor.
Totally uninterested in this new cartridge. And no one ever said 30-06 lacked knock down power. So I will stick with my M1 Garand and for long distance my Savage model 12 VLP DBM in .243win with a 4-16 scope.

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