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Would you bother to SBR a FN-PS90?

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by guyfromChina, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. guyfromChina

    guyfromChina Originally:Indiana, Currently: China, Soon: Oregon New Member

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    Please no comments on caliber etc...

    As a purely defensive weapon (i.e. not a range toy) help me weigh the pros & cons:

    1) short
    2) can add a can

    1) $$$
    2) hassle
    3) lower velocity
    4) louder & more muzzle flash
    5) if adding a can it is no longer shorter
    6) with 16" bbl not so loud anyway
    7) if used for self-defense, looks more "evil"

  2. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    Ammo.. That is the biggest drawback for me, well for that particular platform.
    Also, lord knows how long you'll be waiting to hear back from the BATF now.
    Would it save you money in the long run to leaver her as is and SBR a platform that may be a little easier to configure and suppress.

    I think the PS90 look goofy with the longer barrels anyway. SBR away.
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  3. Misternt

    Misternt Salem Area Active Member

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    You shorten it down by 5.6 inches and it looks nice. To me a long barrel PS90 is like a long barrel uzi it just looks goofy. For self defense the scary look of a full size or SBR would keep me away from using it.
  4. billdeserthills

    billdeserthills Cave Creek, Arizony Well-Known Member

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    For the later purpose of resale I think making this alteration is a bad idea
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  5. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I have a PS-90 and have gone through this debate many times as well. For defensive use, I wouldn't worry about the "scary" aspect because if you have to use it you will need good legal representation anyway and despite the horror stories I think how the weapon is used is still more relevant than how it looks. If you make any statements make sure you say "its just a .22" which is technically true... :)

    If you don't mind going through the Class 3 bs then I would do it. The velocity loss is minimal. This caliber is not really a one shot stopper anyway, lol. If the reduced length improves your defensive tactics then its a plus. If suppressing it improves your defensive tactics then its a plus. It depends on what your needs are. I had a SBR Thompson so I know what the waiting game is like. My PS-90 is mostly just a range toy but I would grab it as my home defense gun if I thought I needed a precision shot or more shots than my shotgun holds. I still want to SBR it but for me its a matter of cost and ability to quickly resell it. I don't mind the extra length and I have kind of gotten used to the way it looks.


  6. billdeserthills

    billdeserthills Cave Creek, Arizony Well-Known Member

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    You should get your SOT & then buy a P-90
    First step, find a class 3 dealer you like well enough to begin chumming around with...
  7. Benny503

    Benny503 Grants Pass Well-Known Member

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    I will submit form 1 every chance I get. First, 200 for the stamp back then is very expensive. Now 200 doesnt even cover the gas money for me in a week. Get the stamp before they increase the price on tax stamp or decide to change the law of owning it or approve it!
  8. Johnny_boy

    Johnny_boy Seattle New Member

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    If it is for home defense, I won't SBR or silence it, as it carries minimum sentence related to the use of those, if convicted. You can be innocent and still found guilty.

    18 USC § 924(c)(1)(B)(ii).

    (B) If the firearm possessed by a person convicted of a violation of this subsection—
    (i) is a short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, or semiautomatic assault weapon, the person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 10 years; or
    (ii) is a machinegun or a destructive device, or is equipped with a firearm silencer or firearm muffler, the person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than 30 years.


    ignore the part about the semiautomatic assault weapon. That has been clarified as something that was carried over from assault ban era. It looks like the justice department has stated that minimum sentencing does not apply in that case any more.
  9. Brutus57

    Brutus57 Skagit County Well-Known Member

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    Anything about finishing with a barrel mounted pig sticker thrust?

    Brutus out
  10. MGforMe

    MGforMe Salem New Member

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    Since the above post addressed the legal reason to not use a NFA item for self defense I will just comment in general on PS90 as a SBR. I have one done by TROS and am very happy with it. The main reason why I went SBR with it is to use my Gemtech Halo .223 can with it. In that setup is is neat to shoot and quiet, especially with subsonics. I one time fired it without hearing protection after taking can off to see how much louder it was (friend asked me to, and I know very stupid). That was the most painful experience I have had shooting ever and would never do it again. Extremely painfully loud in SBR configeration without can and possibly a reason to not SBR one.

    With that being said, it sure looks good with the short barrel and even better with can on it! ;)

  11. TOVO

    TOVO SW WA. Active Member

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    Another option is to have a class 3 dealer pin on a suppressor to a shortened barrel. Only one tax stamp for the suppressor.

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  12. Dogfish

    Dogfish Washington Member

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    Are replacement barrels for the rifle an issue?