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    looking for Woodland camo MOLLE pouches; 2-4 pouches, I am looking for MOLLE II M4 magazine double pouch, with the velcro flap/elastic, like THIS one; looking for 1 or two; NOT looking for the M16A2 LBV styled pouch as I have enough of those ;)

    a MOLLE II Sleep System carrier bag, for my sleeping bag, so I can free up the main pack for other stuff.

    maybe a Woodland MOLLE FLC with detachable utility belt.... looking for local and cheap too. not looking for Coyote color, Ranger green, or ACUs. have cash on hand

    EDIT: before someone suggests this; none of the surplus shops i've been to in Portland, Salem, Boring, Sweet Home, and Eugene have these specific items in Woodland; only the DCU/ACU and only the LBV styled pockets (brass snaps and no elastics)

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