Woodburn Police Officer in shootout Tues. Night

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    Just watched the news this morning...

    Last night (Tue. 3-30-2010) at approx. 11:30pm two members of the Woodburn Police were outside the Salem apartment of a suspect from residential burglary that occurred in Woodburn during the weekend. While awaiting the arrival of Salem Police the suspect came out and shot one of the Woodburn Police "more than once" then fled.

    About 7 mins. later a Marion County Deputy saw the suspect riding a bicycle down Lancaster Dr. in front of the Outback Steakhouse and ordered him to stop. Witnesses say the suspect lifted the front of his shirt (like he was going to draw a weapon) and Deputy fired four rounds into the suspect, then commenced First Aid until the arrival of an ambulance.

    Both have survived their injuries, and the Woodburn Policeman and the suspect are currently in Salem Hospital. The Woodburn Police is listed in good condition, and the suspect is listed in critical condition.

    This is of particular interest to this forum, because several firearms were stolen from the Woodburn house that was burgled/robbed, (possibly one was used to shoot the Woodburn Police Officer) once again emphasizing the need to keep your firearms LOCKED IN A SAFE when they are not under your direct control/supervision. My house got broke into last year (I have an alarm system, but they "smashed and grabbed" in under two minnutes BEFORE the cops arrived), and my gun safe SAVED MY ARSE from losing some AWESOME hardware, not to mention PASSPORTS, SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS, BLANK CHECKS, etc. All of which would be a Methhead's (or gangbanger's) dream come true to obtain....

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