Good Catch, Yul Brenners name was spelled Brynner ????? It is engraved correctly on the revolver backstrap but the card is in error. The same goes for the spelling of Eli Wallach on the card and the plate on the display case ..... :(
Sorry, there is no other documentaion, though after doing a Google search, the same Colt does show up at a couple of Auction Sites. Wish there was more to make available to you. The serial number is 125301 and dates to 1888. You might Google the serial Number.

104 Colt Single Action .38/40 Cal. SN 125301
all matching, mfg'd 1888, original black powder, gold gilt over silver with Tiffany style grips in cast bronze, purportedly a custom showpiece made for prominent Hollywood movie start in early 1960's by Elz Fargo Guns, replacement value over $10,000.
Estimate: 3,500.00 - 6,000.00
Back to the top -Additional pictures can be provide, but will take some time to obtain, as the Colt is secured in a Safe Deposit Box. Thanx ....

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