Does the idea of having gold as an alternative to currencies become obsolete?

  • Yes, crypto will replace gold as the better alternative

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  • Both crypto and gold will be perceived as good alternatives

    Votes: 25 36.8%
  • No, gold will remain as the better alternative

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Unknown

    Votes: 11 16.2%

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Burt Gummer

The above was my guess only as to how things play out. Been wrong more than right over the last 35+ years of being more aware of things than the average Joe.

One of the things currency-related that is happening in the following weeks in an amendment to the WHO's charter that pretty much gives then control over formerly sovereign governments like ours in the event of the next medical scam.

Censorship disallows me to say how I really feel about that. Let's just say whether you can run your small business, or leave your home in the future will be dictated directly by power mad (global governance) scumbags under the direction of top puppets of several 3-letter agencies who are not benevolent in any way.

Fortunately a few of them love to brag so they have told us openly what they have in store for us. Private crypto and transactions will be eliminated in favor of gov dig currency. National perhaps at first like China has already done. But eventually a global WEC currency where all financial freedoms are gone and we are allotted access based on behavior.

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