Winnebago trailer warranty service question

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    Long winded title, huh? :laugh: This information is going to be a little vague, and I don't expect anyone here to be able to give me any iron-clad advice. But a general direction or a place to start would be nice. I know there are a lot of people here, so someone might be able to help me out.

    My father is out of town (Northern Cali) in his Winnebago trailer. He's got work down there, and has been there since he purchased the trailer, up here, in November of last year. It recently sprang a leak somewhere in the trailer (or the leak got bad enough to notice it) as when he came home from work, the instrument panel was covered in condensation. He still has the winnebago warranty in effect, and has full coverage from Geico. The trailer was a display, but he was told they would take care of anything that went wrong. It was not sold "as is", it was to be treated as brand new.

    So we run into a few problems here. His work does not allow him to just take off and get warranty work. It's a 12 hour, six day a weak job where you can't leave the jobsite. But he took time off to head to a winnebago dealership. They had him fill out paperwork, all finished, and then suddenly decided they didn't have enough experience with the model of trailer to try and take a crack at it. So that sucked.

    He lost a half a days wages navigating through Northern California. Another problem is he's paying monthly for a camping spot ($500 a month, not counting what the payment on the trailer is), and he's going to have to pay a minimum $100 a night (for the most fleabag motel there) while it's being serviced.

    So my first question is: Are there generally insurance allowances that will pay the cost of lodging during service? Would a warranty cover that? (I'll be scrounging through the warranty information and contacting insurance as soon as I can, he has it down there in his trailer, and isn't exactly the reading type :laugh: and I can't find it online.)

    Another thing; when he realized they wouldn't perform service on his trailer, he called up the dealership here, looking for guidance. He didn't get any, but he did get a request from a salesperson. Apparently they'd neglected to have him sign a waiver that the trailer was "as is" and was wondering, since he wasn't in town, could his wife come in and sign (she's not on the paperwork as an owner). When mom said, uh, hell no, the salesman asked if he could sign for him.


    If I call our insurance (Geico) would they be of any help? I'm sure they wont want to pay for whatever is causing a massive leak, so would they wrangle with the dealership? Does the sales person asking if he can forge my dads name imply that my dad is being set up to be screwed?

    This hit on the weekend, so I can't contact a lot of people (Winnebago themselves to find a service place that wont waste his effing time, or maybe the dealership themselves). So I was hoping someone could give me some advice on where to go from here.

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    I am a Warranty Manager for a large Oregon RV dealership, and Winnebago dealer. PM me your phone # and we will talk.
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    Unless the problem was due to a manufacturing defect he is probably SOL.

    Trailer insurance generally only covers damage due to accident/theft/etc. The RV's warranty will most likely exclude any water damage and most RV's come with info telling the owner to reguarly inspect all joints/seams (especially roof) and recaulk as required.

    I'm into RVing and have had a couple of Class A's as well as currently have a trailer and whether high-end, middle or entry level they've always required the owner to inspect/recaulk the seams on a regular basis.

    Good luck.

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