Winchester Pre-64 1894 30-30

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    Winchester 1894 .30-30 rifle. Standard 20” round barrel. Made in 1952 to be exact. I don’t imagine they made many of these right in the middle of the Korean war. No weird safeties, just the tried and true half cock notch. Top eject and NOT drilled or tapped for a scope for those people that like to do that kind of thing.

    I’ve had it for a quite a while, Unknown round count. Feeds and functions good and accurate to boot. Its got a very few light scratches in the metal and the odd ding n rub in the wood here and there. The pictures tell the tale though it is better than the pictures show. Bluing is good. Looks like it hung in a truck rack for a while. :D

    These things have been going up to unreasonable prices lately but I’m going to keep this one reasonable. I researched this rifle for a long time. Prices run the gamut but I need to sell this fairly fast.

    FTF only in the Puget sound area. I'll drive a bit but not far as I've cut this to the bone. I'm in the Poulsbo area.

    $700.00 not looking for trades right now. :eek:

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