Winchester Model 94 30-30 Carbine 1967

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Xmas Present !

Nearly perfect condition Winchester Model 94 30-30 Carbine (20" barrel)
Mfg. Approx. 1967 Serial No.# 3068299

Comes with a few accessories (cleaning, cartridges, etc.) and a soft shell.
Also a trigger lock (with key !)

There is only the tiniest bit of oxidation on the stick butt - and nowhere else I can find.
Not a scratch on the stock or metal.

I've had it about 12 years, and fired it a few times only on one trip.
Time to go to someone who will use it !!!!
I don't know how much it was shot by the previous original owner (acquaintance) but based on the condition I'd say not much.

Asking $350.00
Will consider trades on certain tools...

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