Winchester Model 70 Custom 30.06

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    I have a newer Custom Winchester model 70, Bolt action 30.06. Jeweled Bolt, stoned internals, Custom Glass bedded OD green snakeskin grip stock. Accurized and has 3lbs trigger, extremely light. Platless 4rd internal mag. 60rds of Premium hunting ammo. Barrel ReCrowned for improved accuracy. Its an EXTREMELY accurate, tight grouping deer/elk rifle. Has Scope rings mounted. bore is exceptionally shiny and in like new condition
    Mostly Looking for TRADES, trade value $525 or so cash price $475 OBO
    Looking FOR:
    Taurus pt1911, Beretta 92fs, Chrome PT99/92AFS, PT 945 (blue/gold or chrome), AK 47 variant, AR-15, Glock 21,20,17, or other in 9mm 40sw or 45acp, Also interested in SIGS, other quality 1911s, EAA Witness, Taurus Judge, 357mag or 44mag double action revolver, Intertec TEC 9(DC9 kg99), AP 9, SIG 522, Smith and Wesson M&p 22, COLT or s&w DA Revolvers, Ruger GP100 or SP101 in 357, Ruger RedHawk, Springfield XD9 or XD45 (prefferably tactical), Taurus 24/7 oss pro 45, FN Five Seven, FN 45, FN 9mm
    other interesting pistol or assault rifle trades considered
    Call me at 206 909 8082
    email me pics of trade offers to
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