Winchester Model 54

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Jerry, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I stopped by a pawn shop today and spotted a Winchester 54 in .30-30. Bore was bright and clean. Lands and grooves were sharp. Stock had a small crack under the bolt, not too bad. It had a scope, cheap one. Action was tight, no slop or tight spots. Safety was tight and no issues. It obviously has seen field time, but not abused. Original finish. These were made from 1925-1936.

    $450 was the price.

    Any of you guys have experience with the Model 54?
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    Darn good price ... The .30-30 chambering is hard to find.
    The stock under went some changes during its production life.
    Rifle and carbine versions were made.
    I also think the firing pin was two piece.
    The pawn shop I worked in had one in .270 which i got to shoot . It was a lovely rifle . It was a later one one with the more modern stock design and Lyman 48 sights.
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