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Just an update for anyone that has the Winchester Model 100 in 308 and hasn't heard about the firing pin recall from about 1990. I recently had my dad's Winchester .308 passed down to me and found out about the recall. He had bought it new in about 1964 and I remember he got a number of dear with it in Eastern Washington when we lived there and a moose or two while we were living in Alaska. It's probably been since the late 60's that I last shot it a few times and I remember the kick well.

After I got it I found out that there had been a recall back around 1990 for the firing pin failing and potentially causing a catastrophic failure. I was pretty sure my dad had not had the replacement firing pin that Winchester provided put in (if he even knew about it) but figured since it was so long ago I'd missed my chance to get the free upgrade but figured I'd check anyway as I found a message on a forum from one guy that had received the new firing pin as late as the end of 2017. So I took the rifle apart and pulled the firing pin and found that it was indeed the old round firing pin that was prone to break. I found the listed phone number and called it this morning and the women that answered said they were indeed still honoring the recall. All I had to do was send in the old firing pin (with my name, address, phone number, serial number) in a padded envelope and they would send me a new one and even the $30 that they have sent to defray costs of having a gunsmith perform the service. She said they process all returned firing pins each Monday and I should have mine back later in the week after they get mine.

I'm glad to hear they are still doing this because I think just like me, there are a lot of people that are now getting this rifle passed down to them from elderly or deceased family members. I don't plan on shooting it a lot as I don't hunt (nothing against hunting, I just never picked up the interest) but I would like to shoot it a few more times to see if I remember the kick correctly. icon_e_biggrin.gif

What's interesting is there was also a confirmed problem with some models going into full auto at times or shooting multiple times with one trigger pull. I remember one deer my dad got that he found two bullets in it although he swore he only shot once. He chalked it up to the excitement of getting the deer (although I remember him being pretty calm and collected when I was out with him) and I suspect he experienced the problem that was later confirmed to happen at times. I did find when I took it apart that although it needed a good cleaning and some oil it still looks in pretty good shape. The gas chamber looked really good and I had no problems (thank goodness for YouTube videos) getting it apart. Hopefully it will go back together in a couple of weeks as easy as it came apart.

For anyone that does need to check with them, you can call their number at 800-852-5734 and give them your serial number to confirm it needs it. She (if it's the same person) will give you the address to send it back for the replacement. I was answered on the 2nd ring when I called.

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