Winchester Mdl 67A, collrctable youth rifle, 22shsort, long, lomg riflr

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    I am offering to trade a Winchester Mdl 67A.

    I bought this from a close friend many years ago and only shot it once then for about three or four rounds. Its in 90-95%. No major dings that I can see. He got it for his seventh birthday from his dad IIRC. No serial of course, but I'd guess about late 1950s or early 60s made.

    I would like to trade for a small pistol for my wife to learn to shoot with.
    Ideal would be a Rossi five-shooter in 38sp, 4" bbl., dbl / single action pistol. ...Or equal.
    What do you have to offer?
    $$ for any difference either way.

    PM me, or..

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