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    I was in my local gun dealers yesterday collecting some powder and a couple of things for other shooters when I just happened to walk by the BP rack [yeah, right]. I instantly clapped eyes on this totally beautiful Uberti-made High Wall replica in 45-70Govt calibre, complete with a vernier tang sight, and in virtually unmarked condition. After shoving a woollen mop down the dusty barrel, it was revealed as like new. 'So it should be' quoth Steve, the shop help, 'it's only four months old'.

    The former owner is the local FEO's worst nightmare - he changes a couple of guns every month or so, as he has the attention span of a butterfly, if that. His loss is my gain - these rifles are as rare as a very rare, rare thing.

    If you want to see one, identical to this one, in action, log on to Youtube and watch Hickock45 [THE MAN!] - with his on a 25 minute movie abut the High wall. Apart from the spiffy tang sight on the one I'm getting, it could be the same rifle.

    Here -

    It should be mine in a couple of weeks, alevai, as soon as my FAC variation gets processed. Sadly, one of my others has to go so that this one can come to me, but that's life.

    Best to all


    PS - kudos and thanks + mucho appreciation to Hickock45 for his great channel on Youtube, and the use of this one.
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