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Winchester 94AE Trapper .45 Colt

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by PMC, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. PMC

    PMC Lynnwood Active Member

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    Haven't had this for very long, and I definitely don't want to sell it. I'm putting it up more out of curiosity as to what sort of offers I would get. Just testing the waters.

    Winchester 94AE Trapper in .45LC
    In very good condition. Has one small finish-wear area and one hair-thin scratch on the left side of the receiver that I can't manage to catch on camera. Aside from that, the gun is in excellent shape with a pristine bore. Has a tang safety and not an ugly cross-bolt one. Was made in New Haven, Conn. USA.

    Interested in TRADES ONLY. Do not send me cash offers (unless you offer to pay my tuition for the next 2 years.)
    Trade interests: Lever guns in .357 or .44 magnum, M1 Garand, M1 carbine, Mini-14, other military style rifles, possibly a nice semiauto pistol.


  2. CascadeSam

    CascadeSam Portland Oregon Active Member

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    That is a handsome gun.