Winchester 9422 in .22 s-l-lr $300

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by oldcars, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Hi, this gun is a beater! I repeat.... IT IS NOT IN GOOD CONDITION Having said that, the bore is shinny and bright, and it works perfect. The bluing is about 50% gone and it has some pitting, the wood is dinged up, worn, and it has a big chip missing out of the stock. The gun shoots quite well and the action is tight and smooth. I guess the neat part is that it looks like a 100 year old Winchester! I was going to cut the barrel down 4" and the stock down 1" which would get rid of alot of the pitting and the stock chip, plus make a handy little "trapper" sized gun. If I don't get $300 out of it, thats what I will do. these are getting pretty hard to find, if I didn't already have a nicer one I would be keeping it for shure.

    I am 35 miles southeast of The Dalles 5o3-7o3-2874 I can't get pics to load, but I can email them:
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